As the founder and CEO of The Pageant Place, Kim Gravel is one of the most sought after Pageant, Life and Beauty Coaches in the industry. A former Miss Georgia herself, Kim’s intricate knowledge of the ins and outs of Pageants helps her to produce more title holders than she knows what to do with.
Kim’s big heart and even bigger personality makes her a fan favorite of pageant girls and just everyone in general. As the star of her own hit show on Lifetime called “Kim of Queens”, Gravel teaches us that beauty pageantQs are about more than just beauty. Speaking of beauty, it doesn’t hurt that Kim most certainly knows her way around a makeup kit. Gravel is a former Makeup Artist for Revlon and Christian Dior as well as a National Cosmetology Association Spokesperson.

Anyone who knows Kim can tell you that her makeup is always flawless. From her brows to her bronzer and everything in between. Kim is not only a pageant queen, but a cosmetic queen for sure. In 2009, Kim launched her own boutique cosmetic line called Hardee Girl Cosmetics. Gravel (formerly Hardee) can also be found on YouTube giving tutorials on how to achieve her flawless looks. It also doesn’t hurt that she sometimes breaks into song while demonstrating the perfect cat eye. (Who doesn’t love that?!) Kim’s hilarious one liners and over the top antics make it a pleasure to watch her show, and constantly leaves you wanting more of Queen Kim and her comedic side kicks, sister Allisyn and Mom Jo.Q

How was Hardee Girl Cosmetics started?
KG Hardee girl started out of the trunk of my car traveling and speaking to women’s groups all over the country. Speaking, singing and training was my business and beauty was my hobby. One day I needed time to fill so I started giving mini-makeovers and BAM! the makeup was birthed. I knew I wanted a line that was simple and catered to the everyday real women. (By the way our mineral face powder can’t be beat!)

What do you love most about makeup?
KG I love the transformative aspect makeup has. Makeup is not about covering up. It’s about enhancing the natural bone structure, eye color, shape, and bringing out the beauty that is already there, that is unique to each person.

What do you think is one staple item everyone should have in their makeup kits?
KG Bronzer is a must in everyone’s makeup kit. Bronzer gives everyone (no matter ethnic background) a glow that looks healthy and sun kissed. It can take the dullest of complexions and wake it up with a brush stroke. I have a bronzer in my purse, my makeup kit and my car.

What are some of the major differences between pageant makeup and everyday makeup?
KG The differences between pageant makeup and everyday makeup are techniques and amount used. Pageant makeup, for all intents and purposes, is stage makeup; heavy contouring, fake lashes and shadowing. Everyday makeup should look effortless and have a natural glow to it. It should consist of bronzer, a great gloss and a light concealer that disguises facial imperfections. Very different but have the same results “simply beautiful”.

What is the best piece of advice you have received and who was it from?
KG EXFOLIATE and take care of your skin by using sunscreen. It came from my grandmother who was part Cherokee Indian and was a farmer all her life and practically lived in the sun. She struggled with wrinkles and started caring for her skin late in life. Although she has passed, she is the reason I take care of my skin. A woman can be in her late 30’s but her skin doesn’t have to look it!

What do you think is one of the biggest mistakes people make when applying their makeup?
KG People using black eyeliner to make their eyes pop. Black eye liner is the MOST abused item in makeup kits around the world. People are walking around with black eyes, not the smokey eye! My solution is to enhance your eyes with a liner that compliments the color of your eye color. For hazel eyes use a olive green, blue eyes blue liner. Then add a thin line of black liquid liner at the base of the upper lid to pop it out. Just lay the black pencil eye liner at the altar, people!

What is one makeup item you never leave home without?
KG Concealer. It’s like the bread and butter of a good meal. I mean let’s face it you could make a meal out of bread and butter at a restaurant and the same goes with a good concealer. Concealer can be used as a primer, foundation, hide dark circles and brighten areas of your face. It’s a must for me.

Looking back now, are there any hair or makeup trends you wish you hadn’t rocked?
KG No, I have no regrets. I am a style junkie and trends are my business! I do however wish some of the trends could have lasted a little longer. Can you say bring back 1989?!

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with Stephanie Kocielski

Mirabella Magazine is constantly committed to enlisting only the best of the best in the industry to answer your most pressing questions.As the Vice President of Education for John Paul Mitchell Systems, Stephanie Kocielski is most definitely the one to ask if you have hair questions. Below Steph answers your questions about Ombre techniques, tips for blending fades and the age old question – Should hair be darker in the winter? You asked, she answered

What is your favorite ombre technique? GG – Houston, TX
SK Definitely Teaser Highlights!

Do you have a rule as far as how many levels lighter you go on ombre color? Angela – Boston, MA
SK Funny you should ask….I feel like visuals work great here!!! Bring photos of the exact look you’re going for. I’d say two, three or four levels lighter works great!

When cutting a stacked bob, I was taught to pull out the sections in the back of the head horizontally. Is it better to do it horizontally or vertically? Jeremy – Detroit, MI
SK It depends on the texture of the` hair and how you want it to live! Think out of the box. Learn from the best by constantly learning new techniques and continuing your education

Is there a polite way to tell a client that their hair is too fine for a style they really want? Stephany – San Diego, CA
SK I use color to fatten the hair and then every guest thinks you have magic hands! Then I use a product like Lemon Sage Thickening Spray to finish off the look. It’s awesome!

Do you think that people who highlight in the summer should go darker for the winter? Conflicted in CT
SK Blondes to my knowledge love blonde. So I redesign the placement for Winter. It allows the guest’s hair to have a break from the normal routine, and restores hair health.

I am currently using ½ 6n and ½ 6nn on a client. I was told that 6n+ would be the same thing. I tried it and to me it was warmer than the original formula. Client loved it, but I still like the original better. Are my eyes just playing tricks or is it really the same thing? Jo – Dallas, TX
SK Paul Mitchell N + N series is designed for better grey coverage. When you just add it to another formula, you’ll get different tones.

Have you ever heard of using cigarette ashes to remove color from the skin around the hairline? Steven – Portland, ME
SK Absolutely not! It’s not professional.

I just graduated cosmetology school and think I want to do color only. Am I limiting myself by only specializing in one thing? Of course I want to build a clientele quickly too. Jessica – Buffalo, NY
SK Build your business and start to specialize, but don’t limit your services.I have a client who loves super textured and choppy cuts but hates when I use a razor

Do you think it is possible to achieve the same affect with point cutting? Nikki – London, England
SK Oh yes! Check out videos by my friend Takashi from Paul Mitchell for proof!

Any tips on blending in fades? I am just staring out and feel like I can always see a line. Anthony – Las Vegas, NV
​SK I would practice and watch my head positioning….Turn to deviation to build your skill.

What formulation would you use in Paul Mitchell The color to achieve a true “eggplant” color? Client is less than 25% grey and is a natural level 5. — Michelle, Fl
SK: I would start with 30 volume processing cream and use our 5vr with 3 violet color shots and 3 red color shot. Plus, add a little hlp to the formula maybe a 1/2 ounce to the formula. It will make the tastiest egg plant. Good luck

I have a client who always sees red in her hair. I use NA on her.Is there a way I can politely and professionally tell her that her hair is NOT red? — Jason, ME
SK: Well the guest is always right so if you’re using NA maybe add a bit of blue and yellow color shots to cancel any hue that might come up. Also, maybe lower your volume of processing cream - that might cool it off. Good luck!

My client is about 80% grey. Her target level is 3. The formula I have been using is 3/4 3N 1/4 2NN 20 vol for 35 mins. The color looks great when she leaves. Upon returning for a touch up 2-3 weeks later, her hair is closer to a level 5. I have tried clarifyinh and pre-treating her hair, but the end result with the fading is still the same. HELP! — Kristin, TX
SK: Well, just go straight NN lose the 3N and drop it to 10. And your processing time? Make sure its 35 minutes - that might help. If not, add a little 3NA to this and go half 3NA and half 2NN. Keep me posted on Facebook!

I’ve heard putting ketchup on your hair for 20-30 minutes can cancel out the green tones in your hair. Is there any truth to this at home remedy? — Jessica, FL
SK: Maybe in frat parties! I don’t know technically but might be fun to try! Try it and let me know

I’m just starting out in the industry and am having trouble with foils. I find that I either don’t get close enough to the root, or I end up with bleed marks from getting too close. I’m taking the proper sized sections and am leaving room for bleach expansion. Any tips to help? — Stacey, CT
SK: Get to Paul Mitchell’s web page and click on the blonding video with Takashi he’s the best and will teach you in his expert method and try Synchro Lift its a different texture and that might help. Practice too

My salon just started carrying PM Syncro Lift lightener. I am a little nervous to use it on white hair because I am afraid it will stain blue. Should I be nervous? – Jacinda, NJ
SK: Girrrls like us from jersey shouldn’t ever be nervous! Try it - its amazing its not a speed lightner just new technology that lifts hair with care

A client had her hair chemically straightened 4 weeks ago. She is natural level 4 and wants highlights level 8/9. Her hair is in OK condition, and she has been doing at home conditioning treatments. Is there a “safer” way to approach this situation? I want to maintain the integrity of her hair, but also want to give her what she wants. – Brett, TX
SK: Can you say test strand on the top where its been cooked!!! Try high lift with a lower volume. HLA 20 is nice and maybe a squirt of 8A for tasty carmel. Plus, don’t forget an Awapui Wild Ginger Kera-Triplex Treatment. It will insure the color and bring life to the straightened hair.

Client is a nat. level 3 and has virgin hair. She wants to be an all over level 9. She is 40% gray. She does not want to see any yellow in her end result. What PM formulation do you think is best for this scenario? — Confused in NH​
SK: Hmm. Well lightner first, dual purpose with 20 sounds right to me. Platimun card and then touch up. Make sure its natural. If not, yellow will be there. But a great finish on the hair after the lift is UPT/10 2 violet shots in the washhouse and you’ll get results. Take thin sections with your technique.

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Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

As we all know, one of the hottest people in the world right now is the sultry, timeless, and amazingly talented musician, Adele. Editor In Chief, Christina Mirabella spoke with International makeup artist and hairstylist Michael Ashton, the man behind Adele’s always flawless face and perfectly styled hair for the past 5 years.Ashton’s client list reads a regular who’s who of Hollywood and abroad including but not limited to: Adele, Bianca Jagger, Elle McPherson, Neve Campbell, and Ellen Pompeo.

CM: Was there a specific moment or event in your life that made you realize you wanted to be in this industry?
MA: It all started around age nine when I discovered my mother’s Nutrimetics case, wet/dry eye shadow & hot rollers - then after much persuasion, I talked my grandmother into letting me do her make up backstage when she used to perform with my uncle Sir Howard Morrison. As they say.... The rest is history!

CM: What has been the most memorable or your favorite moment of your career so far?
MA: Thankfully every day I get to work and travel with some of the most talented people from around the globe so it feels as if it’s always another exciting adventure & I LOVE every moment!

CM: What is the best piece of advice you ever received, and who was it from?
MA: Become your dream - Author unknown

​CM: Who are your style icons?
MA: Brigitte Bardot / Lauren Hutton / Gina Lollobrigida / Tom Ford / James Dean

CM: What are your three must have products at every photo shoot?
MA:- Lucas Paw Paw Ointment- Chanel perfection Lumière Foundation- Lashes

CM: 1 thing every MUA should know?
MA: That anything is possible & the only limits are those you set yourself.

CM: If you could work alongside any other MUA or hairstylist, past or present, who would it be and why?
MA: Kevyn Aucoin - he was a truly gifted artist that will always influence the industry & has left behind a legacy of beautiful beauty transformations.

CM: What attributes do you feel make a successful MUA?
MA: Passion, Personality & Perseverance!

CM: Would you say that the heavily winged eye that Adele often rocks is her “signature” makeup look?
MA: It has definitely become ‘the look’ she is best known for which is lovely as it is a modern take on a timeless classic that works for woman the world over.

CM: 3 things every woman should know about makeup
MA:- Make Up can be an extension of who you are or a way of reinventing how the world sees you.- Don’t be scared to experiment, you can always take it off

: Do you typically only work with one celebrity client at a time?
MA: Depending on the project/artist & how much time my schedule allows. If I’m traveling it’s generally exclusively with a client, but when I’m in London I have the pleasure of working with a list of brilliant talent

CM: Do you have a favorite MU product you discovered while in a foreign country?
MA: ‘Monet’ Make Up remover cotton buds, an absolute must-have!

CM: Do you have a favorite brand of extensions you like to use if any at all?
MA: I don’t have a favorite brand, but when I do work with hairpieces I use an amazing company in London that makes bespoke extensions/wigs etc for me.

​CM: Do you prefer to do a clients hair or makeup first?
MA: The look we are creating generally dictates the running order of things, but I normally start by prepping the hair to create the desired texture then move onto make up before finishing & polishing the overall look.

CM: Do you prefer to do eye makeup or face makeup first?
MA: It’s a hard call as the two most important things to me are both the eyes & skin - so I tend to change it up depending on my mood. Although once you have the perfect base/skin everything else falls into place.

CM: I never leave home without my…
MA: Imagination!

CM: 5 must have songs on a photoshoot playlist
MA:- Love On Top / Beyonce- Brass In Pocket / The Pretenders- Rumor Has It / ADELE- Moves Like Jagger / Maroon 5- Hercules Theme / Hercules & The Love Affair



​With her work being displayed on countless magazine covers, commercials, red carpet events, and in the hottest music videos, it’s no secret that celebrity hairstylist Marcia Hamilton is one of the most influential and inspirational hairstylists of her time. Complete with a client list that reads but is not limited to- Jada Pinkett Smith, P!nk, Kim Kardashian, Willow Smith and Kelly Rowland, it is clear that Marcia is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. With her own super cool personal style, Hamilton makes doing amazing hair seem effortless. Marcia is also frequently called in to do makeovers for HBO, NBC, E! Entertainment, and The Ellen Show, and we can see why!

CM:  When did you realize that this was the industry for you?

MH: I realized this was the industry for me after my 1st day of beauty school.

CM: If you could describe your personal style in 3 words what would they be?
MH: My personal style in 3 words- classic, rock n’ roll, quirky.

CM: Where do you pull your inspiration from as an artist?
MH: I pull most of my hair inspiration from the runway, European Magazines & street style

CM: Do you have any advice for stylists who are just starting out in the industry?
MH: My advice for stylist just starting out is to be patient, work hard at honing your skills and don’t burn any bridges

CM: What are 3 must-have products you require for every job?
MH: Oribe Super Fine Hair Spray, White Sands Volumizing Mousse, Tancho Wax Stick

CM: What is one of the most rewarding aspects of your job?
MH: Most rewarding aspect of my job is making anyone happy who sits in my chair. That to me is everything!!

CM: What are 3 must-have songs on a photo shoot playlist?
MH: Anything by RiRi, Taylor Swift & new fave Maclemore

CM: Given all of your accomplishments, is there a specific event that stands out as one of the most memorable of your career?
MH: One of the most memorable events of my career so far was working with the Smith Family when they hosted the Nobel Peace Prize event in Norway and President Barack Obama was honored. I met the legendary Donna Summer.

CM: Why do you feel it’s important to mesh well with a celebrity while you are collaborating with them on a project?
MH: It’s important to mesh well because it really helps the entire creative process. I can better create & collaborate when the energy is good. The flow is natural!

CM: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now career-wise?
MH: Ten years from now I see myself filling the shoes of my many mentors. Taking my craft to the next level and hopefully inspiring the new generation.


Pennsylvania native and Special Effects makeup guru Glenn Hetrick is more than just amazing at what he does. With a Master’s degree and an abundant knowledge of the horror movie genre and its villains, Glenn is one of the best known and most sought after FX makeup artists in the industry. Realizing his affinity for strange and foreign creatures and the makeup behind them at a very young age, Hetrick has gone on to work on many Emmy Award Winning TV shows and is the current head judge of the Syfy Network’s hit show Face Off alongside other industry greats Ve Neill and Patrick Tatopolous. The show allows special effects industry rookies to delve further into the world of their craft, and complete extensive and complex challenges each week. With a resume that includes but is not limited to: “The Hunger Games”, “The Prestige”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “CSI: NY”, and “Crossing Jordan”, Glenn has truly left his mark on the FX makeup industry, and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. As the owner of the Optic Nerve Special Effects Studio, Glenn continues to sculpt, mold, apply and paint works of art with his unique style that are so intricate and detail oriented, it makes his creatures almost recognizable to the untrained eye. Hetrick is also currently designing exclusive and one of a kind wardrobe pieces and instruments for the Grammy Winning Recording Artist Lady Gaga.

CM: When did you realize that FX makeup was the profession for you?

GH:“Actually at a very young age. When I was 3, maybe 4, I would watch horror films. As I got into kindergarten and grade school, I just remained obsessed with them.

CM: In your opinion what are some of the biggest mistakes aspiring FX MUA's make?

GH: You have to start somewhere, and sometimes that means working your day job to support yourself while you’re learning. It’s much more than a hobby. It’s an honor and an art form to be able to sculpt, and it takes years before you’re proficient in that. I see so many people go to school for a few months or a year and come out and wait for someone to hand them a job, and that is just so unrealistic. I think a lot of people ruin themselves because in this industry there is no room for “on the job learning”, so people circle around for a year or 2 looking for a job, then if they don’t get one, they get frustrated, pack up and go home. I think a lot of people don’t put in enough time. They spend their weekends doing things that normal people do, and don’t realize that this industry takes a gigantic commitment. It has taken everyone that I know years to be able to do it as a full time profession. Most people starting out think they can skip the 15-20 years we’ve all worked in our mother’s basements on our own, without having any outside fun.

CM: What is one must have product you need with you for all jobs?

GH:Definitely my airbrush and it’s components. Without that I would not be able to do what I do.

CM: What is one of the most difficult things about your job?

GH: There is not just one answer for this question. Some of the most difficult things today, are the pre-production schedule is an absolutely insanely small amount of time compared to what we used to have. The money that was allocated for the effects and the prep was usually 6 months to a year out and now we’re lucky if we get called within a couple weeks of film. The speed at which we have to do things is much more tightly monitored and restricted which makes it extremely difficult. People think- “Oh I love monsters and I want to build them”, well that’s great when you have a year to build a suit, but when you have producers and directors and writers who probably don’t have the same vision that they think they do, it makes it super difficult. You need to start out with going to production meetings and making sure everyone’s vision is in line.

CM: Do the challenges on "Face Off" ever inspire you to do something similar on your own?

GH: It definitely is inspiring. The people who come onto the show have to have a very unique skill set. They are generally younger and aren’t people who have worked as a sculptor or painter for years and years. We ask so much of people. They have to be able to design extremely quickly, commit to their design, sculpt it, mold it, paint and apply the stuff. Most people who are great in the industry usually have their own little niche. So some who sculpt can’t do their own molds and some who are great painters can’t sculpt. It’s so inspiring to see what they can do in 48 hours, its so impressive.

CM: Who inspires you?

​GH:There are a few teachers, and a librarian from when I was a really little kid who took me aside and started to help me develop my intellect. My dad was a steel worker, so my parents saw absolutely no logic in being able to make a living as an artist; therefore I went and got my masters, while studying sculpture and makeup on my own time. I found that if I declared speech communications as my major (which doubles for public communications and relations) I could encompass theater into what I wanted to do. I kind of found the back door into taking the classes I originally wanted to take anyway.

CM: Do you have a favorite creature/character that you have created?

GH: I was really fond of all the stuff I did on “Dark Heroes’’. It’s a combination of enjoying the makeup, enjoying the show, and really enjoying the relationship I have with others involved.

CM: What inspired you to open Optic Nerve?

GH: There was actually an owner before I got there. I always found myself going back there and working in different capacities, and eventually supervising shows which turned into me having my own client base. The ex owner wanted to sort of pursue other things, so I went to him and said “I’d like to maintain our continuity here, and use all the work we’ve done over the years.” If I had left and started my own company, technically everything I did there belongs to the corporation. So in order to have clients feel comfortable and to show that the shop had been around and show what it had done and to maintain our resume, we came to a deal where I bought the company out and would stay there.

CM: Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

GH: I think I would go back and tell myself to enjoy the process more, you know? It’s such a high strung environment, and you’re so worried about the deadline you’re on and not making it. As soon as that job is over, you start to worry about the next and how do I get to the next level and take a step forward, and then when you get it, it’s straight back to worrying about getting it done on time. As I’m getting older, I’m starting to relax into whatever I’m working on and not worrying about the next thing.

Say the name “Alexa Prisco”, and the true, die-hard, makeup fans in the room jump, but say “The Glam Fairy”, and instantly everyone thinks: petite, blonde, smoky eye, and beyond fabulous makeup skills. As the owner of the “Glam Factory” and all of its branches, Alexa Prisco a.k.a The Glam Fairy, originally had a different plan for herself. Interning at Maxim Magazine as an English major, Prisco was planning to be a writer, but realized something was missing from her life. Truly being able to express her creativity and talent while working at the MAC makeup counter, Alexa realized that the “high” and “rush” she got from seeing people’s reactions to her makeup skills was something she wanted to feel all the time. Determined to make people feel the absolute best they could about themselves, Alexa decided makeup was her true calling. Using her height, or lack thereof, to her full advantage and putting it together with what she loved to do, Prisco gave life to the name the “Glam Fairy”, and thus an empire was born. Equipped with her makeup brushes in hand, a forearm tattoo that reads “Imagine”, and a team of professionals she calls her “fairies”, Alexa is taking on the world one smoky eye, bold lip, and mascara wand at a time.

Was there a specific time or event in your life when you realized you wanted to be a Makeup Artist?

AP: I grew up around painting, so art has kind of always been in my blood. I always thought the people at the MAC counter were like these huge icons. So it was basically like this slow progression of just trying to get myself into artistry. Even though I had always done in independently, I had always really wanted to become a MUA. I later found myself at a crossroads where I was interning at Maxim Magazine and was planning on being a writer, and I remember my mother telling me “Whatever you do and you forget what time it is, that’s what you have to do as your career.” So, that’s what I did!

Being a MAC trained MUA; do you have a “must-have” MAC product with you at all times?

AP: My must have MAC products change so often. I really like the Prep & Prime Powder. I love the Select Cover- Up Concealers, they can be used in so many ways. You can use them under the eyes; you can dilute them with moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer and as an eye base for your eye shadows. So for me, the Select Cover-Up Concealers in the squeeze tube are always the best product to have, and I usually have about 5 different shades with me so I can mix them.

What attributes do you think make a successful MUA?

AP: Number one, you of course have to understand makeup. You definitely need to know how it works as far as translating on photo. Someone who is able to set the parameters that works for them as an artist. An artist who is assertive enough to keep everyone on a schedule, a system, and take control of a room has some of the best attributes a makeup artist can have. I’ve seen so many makeup artists who are amazing at what they do, but they have no internal clock, and let clients walk all over them. I cannot stress setting your own parameters enough. Be professional; say what you’re going to do, and do what you’re going to say.

What advice would you give MUA’s who are trying to eventually reach “Glam Fairy” status?

AP: Stick to your personality and what works for you. You almost have to think of yourself as a cartoon, and use whatever attributes that make you you to your full advantage. For example if they’re a hippy, or punk, amplify that by about 10, and that’s how you lure people in. You have to get on a personal basis with people. When someone is booking you as a makeup artist, you’re going to be within 7 inches of their face, so you have to be able to talk to them and make it real.

What are your thoughts on photo-shopping a MUA’s work? Do you think that it’s sometimes a “false advertisement of skills?”

AP: If something is going into your portfolio, and you’ve done everything you can, but someone has huge pores that need to be blurred out, I think that’s ok. I think that if you’re going to do major corrections and change your work in photo shop, like changing the actual placement of products, I think that’s a very fine line. A lot of my work is NOT photo shopped at all. I think that if you do not manipulate the actual work, and you’re manipulating something underneath, like a scar, then that’s fine.

What do you look for when hiring new “fairies?”

AP: I like strong, assertive, women because I know they will exemplify what my standards are. If I sense that they are going to let clients walk all over them, they are not going to be a Glam Fairy.

What is one thing you think every MUA should know?

AP: One thing every makeup artist should be conscious of is how things lift in photography. A lot of makeup artists out there will look for what is esthetically pleasing, and don’t take into consideration how things appear different in photography. For example, MAC Studio- Fix Foundation looks like 10 shades lighter on a photo. With the wrong placement of a product, you can totally distort someone’s face. So many makeup artists just do what looks good in person, and don’t think of how it’s going to look on video, on camera, or the longevity of the product. I’d say to constantly take pictures of your work to correct those things and make yourself the best makeup artist you can be. You can either make a photographer’s job a lot easier, or you can make it a big pain in the butt.

What is your favorite thing about being a MUA?

AP: I think it’s amazing when they look in the mirror when I’m done and they see what I saw when I first met them. Even after they wash the makeup off, the confidence is still there. The fact that they know they have the capacity to look at themselves and see what I see, is the best thing.

What is one product you need to have with you on every photoshoot?

AP: Oh my gosh! You definitely need to have blotting powder! No matter what makeup you have, when you’re under hot lights, you need something to tone down what is going to happen when you’re body starts to heat up. Also, applying Pam Cooking Spray to the collar bone and on the front of the legs is a great thing. That’s my little secret!

As the Season 3 winner of Shear Genius, Brig Van Osten turned out some pretty amazing work. She proved thru and thru that she not only deserved to be a competitor on the show, but she definitely deserved to win. Based out of Simi Valley, CA, Brig is the owner of “P!ay Hair Lounge” and especially known for wearing over the top fabulous bows, being brutally honest, and helping the “everyday woman” look and feel great about herself. Van Osten has been featured in various magazines such as “Life & Style,” “Modern Salon”, “American Salon”, “Allure” and “Redbook” just to name a few. As a beauty professional myself, one thing Brig said to me really stood out; “I named my salon P!ay, because I don’t consider it work.” Anyone who has even ½ the amount of passion for their industry that Brig has for hers, should consider themselves super lucky to being doing what they love.

CM: Was there a specific moment or event that made you realize that the beauty industry was the industry for you?

BVO: Lunch time, on my first day in cosmetology school!

CM: What made you decide to try out for Shear Genius?

BVO: I saw it as an opportunity to show the world my talent & win some money! I always loved the idea of being on TV. Who doesn’t! I made it on my second time trying out. I was rejected for the 2nd season, but didn’t give up and demanded they put me on the 3rd season. Luckily they liked my tenacity & I got my golden ticket!

CM: What is one hair product you absolutely cannot live without?

BVO: Styling- Bumble & bumble Invisible Oil. It is simply the best thing ever.

Color- Pravana VIVIDs- Yellow of course!

CM: Is there a specific era in hairstyling that you love re-creating?

BVO: It really depends on what is inspiring me at a moment. I am always drawn to what the future holds, but often lately find myself revisiting the sexy hair of the 60’s. The most recent shoot I did was inspired by 1982’s Guess Jeans girl- Claudia Schiffer. Which was very 60’s look, ironically enough!

CM: What inspires you as a hairstylist?

BVO: Everything I see daily. I cannot turn my inspiration off and it never takes a vacation. I snap anything that catches my eye and keep it in a folder on my computer! I’ve always got at least 2 cameras on me.

CM: What advice would you give someone who is looking to open their own salon?

BVO: I am often reached out to by fellow stylists on Facebook asking me this question. I have been known to pick up the phone and tell them- Don’t. Then if they don’t listen to that word of advice I tell them that it was the biggest challenge and learning experience for me. However I have grown 100 times more as a person, friend, boss, business owner & mentor than had I not opened my own space. It took 5 years for p!ay hair lounge to mature into the salon I always knew I could own and during those 5 years I had to adjust, change direction and often try things that were new to me. This past year has been the best ever. I don’t judge success by money, I judge it by my happiness and money can’t buy that.

CM: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received and who was it from?

BVO: When I came home from school (3rd-12th grade) almost every day and felt defeated from the nasty things others would say to me, my mom would always tell me “Who cares what they think, you are beautiful. Don’t let them get to you.” Her words got me safely into my 30’s & they are my most fabulous years yet! Growing up with red curly hair was not easy.

CM: Is there one stylist past or present you would love to work along-side for a day?

BVO: Very present! Orlando Pita. He is a brilliant, generous, and kind man who patiently creates beautiful yet innovative hair for some of the most high profile and probably demanding celebrities, magazines and fashion designers in the world. His humbleness and desire to remain as under the radar as he can continues to impress me. Not even sure work along-side, but follow and observe for a day would be more like it!

CM: What is one of the best things about your job?

BVO: What job? I named my salon p!ay because I don’t consider this work. I have so much joy everyday as I am given the gift to touch other people’s lives whether it is through offering an ear to challenging life situations or reinvigorating a woman with fresh hair. An added bonus is that I get to dress without limitations. No way could I have my bright yellow hair working in a bank!

CM: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

BVO: I don’t. I threw out my “5 year plan” a long time ago. I learned to live in the moment and work on a month to month ideal. It never ceases to amaze me when cool opportunities present themselves. Next month I’ll be announcing the winner of Pravana’s Show Us Your VIVIDs contest and inviting the winner to Los Angeles for a shoot with me. Then I’ll be in Denver, CO sharing my ideals and techniques with a local salon. All while shedding some pounds publicly on my blog Attack of the Cheeseburger ( with plans to return to La La Land aka your television, for more Brig fun! Oh and that is all along side of my full time stint behind the chair @ p!ay hair lounge ( as well as owning it! If I had a 10 year plan I would have to rearrange it each time the phone rings. ;)

Find Brig on:

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest & – “Brig Van Osten”


• Celebrity Clients include: Fergie, Scarlett Johansson, Christina

   Applegate, Carmen Electra

• Joined the Sebastian Design team in 2009 and now reprsents the brand

   on the West Coast

• Shear Genius Season 3 Alumni

• Awarded fan favorite

• Tried out for the show out of pure curiosity

• California Native raised in Huntington Beach in Orange County

• Worked as an assistant to “Sexy Hair” founder Michael O’Rourke.

  Traveled the world and worked on Sexy Hair Campaigns

• Self-proclaimed work-a-holic

• Owner of Hairroin (pronounced hair-o-in) with tagline

  “Addicted to Styles:

• Salon has a rotating staff of 15 different stylists

CM: When did you realize the hair industry was the industry

was for you?

JJ: At age 13 when I started doing hair for the girls at school for school dances. I loved it and couldn’t believe I could do that for a living!

CM: What is one of the most rewarding things about your job?

JJ: Making people look and feel their best. I love it when clients are “hair hopeless” and I can help them learn how to style their hair and be “hair successful”. There is nothing better then that!

CM: In what ways has being on Shear Genius impacted your life?

JJ: It made me really appreciate the team I get to work with at Hairroin. It was hard being away from them for so long and I realized how much I rely on them for inspiration and motivation. Being on the show also helped me raise awareness about my salon and self in the industry with all the exposure, but besides that life is as normal

CM: What is one thing you learned about yourself while on the show that even you were surprised by?

JJ: That I’m fiercely competitive!!!! I had never been in a situation like that and I realized very quickly that I’m not good at losing!

CM: Are there any hairstylists past or present that you would love to work alongside for a day?

JJ: Vidal Sassoon of course!!!!!!!

CM: Is there one must have product you cannot go a day without?

JJ: Shaper!!! it is my cure all

CM: What are 3 songs that are a must have on your salon playlist?

JJ: Santa baby - Madonna, Back in Black ACDC, Single Ladies, Beyonce

CM: What is the most important piece of advice you’ve ever received and who was it from?

JJ: From Donna Federici- “It’s not the one thing you do; It’s the 100 little things”

CM: Do you have any advice for hairstylists just starting out in the industry that you wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

JJ:Jump on all opportunities thrown your way. Make a great impression, and network. You are your brand, so don’t mis represent yourself. stay humble and passionate

CM: Is there a quote or phrase that you try to live by?

JJ: Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man and work like a boss.

Joanna Vargas is Manhattan’s top Celebrity Facialist. She is determined to show women everywhere that her non-invasive treatments and techniques, and her extensive apothecary of all natural, organic products yield the best results in the industry.

Joanna Vargas, Celebrity Facialist and Founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and Skincare Collection

1) What is your favorite product for masking rosacea?

My favorite solution for rosacea is arnica. It dissipates the redness in the skin quickly and keeps it under control. My favorite arnica product is a mask by Eminenece Organics called Calm Skin Arnica Mask.

2) How do I know when my aesthetician is recommending product I really need vs. product pushing?

I always tell clients that they know their skin better than anyone. When I am recommending products to clients, I always start with what I see in their skin – if their skin is dehydrated, clogged, dry, or if they have any other skin issues. Usually the client is aware of the problem, or she will say, “Oh yeah, I did notice that!” and from there, I suggest a product that will address it. I think an esthetician who suggests a product or two during a facial as a solution to a real concern is normal. On the other hand, product pushing is coming out of a treatment and finding five products on the desk for your purchase, or random new product recommendations without a real reason for the suggestion. Women should always trust their own instincts.

3) Do you have a favorite Anti-Aging serum that you would recommend; Especially for minimizing fine lines?

My favorite anti-aging serum is my own Rejuvenating Serum. The combination of the olive oil and argan oil eliminates fine lines around the face while jojoba oil keeps the skin moist . Neroli and rosehips oils are great for circulation and offer protection against sun damage and pollution.

4) My skin always seems dry to me. I moisturize daily, exfoliate weekly, and am always hydrated. Is there something else I should be doing?

Believe it or not, the skin receives the water we drink last on the list of organs in the body. While drinking water is essential for good health, it does little to actually keep the skin hydrated.

First, make sure your moisturizer has jojoba oil and avocado oil in it. Those two ingredients are amazing for keeping the skin hydrated, even in the driest of conditions. Next, I would encourage you to eat more avocado and other good fats like olive oil and flax in your diet. They will make the skin feel hydrated from the inside, out. In the dead of winter when your skin is suffering from the dry heat and the cold outside, healthy fatty acids in the diet will go a long way to making you feel you are hydrated!

5) Is there a cure for pregnancy hyper-pigmentation mask?

Unfortunately, the only cure for the mask of pregnancy is time. Women expect that the second they give birth that it will go away immediately, but this is not the case. Nursing the baby prolong the pigment as well. The best thing to do short term is to always wear a hat and sunscreen whenever you are outside. This will prevent the pigment from becoming even more pronounced. Exfoliate regularly and avoid any products that contain retinols. The retinol will make the skin more sensitive to the sun and will make the pigment worse. Once the hormones in your body go back to normal after you finish nursing, the pigment will likely go away.

The name Tabatha Coffey has become synonymous worldwide with success, extreme drive, and of course amazing hair. This straight shooting, take no prisoners, Aussie began her journey to eventually becoming one of the most accomplished and sought after hairstylists in the world, at age 14. After leaving her native Australia to continue her education in London, Tabatha quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry. Coffey shot to stardom in 2007 as a fan favorite on the Bravo Network’s hit series “Shear Genius.” Although Tabatha did not win the competition, she is by far its most successful and recognizable contestant. Her tough love approach to some of the most stressful situations also makes Coffey one of the most relatable stylists in the industry.
In 2008, “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” debuted on the Bravo Network with overwhelming success. The series documents Tabatha’s travels and week-long stays at various salons across the nation, that are in need of some serious help getting back into tip top shape. Once she arrives at the salon, Tabatha asses and gets to the root of all the salon’s core issues. With her expert industry and business knowledge, Coffey has yet to come across a salon that she cannot improve for the better. In recent years, Tabatha decided to expand her takeover empire to not only salons, but struggling businesses in general.

One must have tool:
That’s a tough one because it depends on the look I am creating. My go to brush is always a Mason and Pearson, it’s great for blowing hair smooth, using to create up styles and can give you root lift.

Favorite look I’ve ever created:
That’s hard because it happens every time I make a client happy. However if we are talking “Runway” looks it would have to be from my presentation this year at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. I presented looks inspired by Alexander McQueen, and I used pieces from my wig and extension line LUXHAIR™ HOW™.

Celeb I would love to makeover:
I’m sure there are many that in the moment I think “WOW” that’s not flattering – I’d love to get my hands on that person, however I concentrate on real clients that don’t have access to a glam squad. They are the people I want to help feel beautiful and have great hair days everyday.

If I weren’t a hairstylist, I would be:
A TV star, seriously I love what I do so I am very content and happy. I am following my passion and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.
Words or a phrase I try to live by: “Cream Rises” I believe it is important to stay true to yourself and to never jeopardize or compromise your integrity.

My guilty pleasure is:
If it gives you pleasure it should never make you feel guilty. So for me it’s whatever gives me pleasure in moderation.

Three must have songs on a playlist:
Mary J Blige - “Just Fine”
Andrea Bocelli - “The Prayer”
Shirley Bassey - “I Am What I Am”

I never leave home without my:

The biggest mistake new stylists make in regards to their career is:
Thinking they know everything. Learning and honing your skills never ends in this business. You must constantly stay educated and continue your education or you will
never grow as a stylist.

One of the greatest benefits of Tabatha Takes Over:
Changing lives. The people requesting my help are putting their lives and future in my hands, and to see them stay successful after I’ve given them back their keys is very

When I’m not in the salon or taking over other businesses, you can find me:
In an airport.

One of the hardest things about being a boss/owner:
Keeping your team and staff motivated and successful There are so many factors that play into this. If communication flops, so does the team. If morale falls, so does the team. If education fails, so does the team. It’s about taking ownership and realizing that as the Owner, the buck stops with you.

My nickname is:
I don’t have one. Well not one that people call me to my face.

Any makeup artist can tell you that there are few things that excite us more than a super matte, bold lipstick. Unfortunately, we also know that most of the matte sticks we come across are sometimes too dry and can be flaky if lips aren’t super hydrated prior to application. Two uber fabulous women who are determined to deliver the best matte lipsticks to MUAs everywhere are Lora Arellano and Dana Boman. While discussing what the “perfect lipstick” would be like over lunch one day, 2 women who describe themselves as “opposites but sharing the same vision”; decided that the only way to attain this elusive “perfect lipstick” was to make it themselves. After some serious brainstorming, and planning, MELT Cosmetics was born. MELT Cosmetics offers the most ultra-matte textured lipsticks in some of the most vibrant colors the makeup world has ever seen. The lipsticks have the most delicious vanilla scent, and are 100% cruelty free (high five for PETA!) One of my favorite things about MELT Cosmetics besides the out of this word colors, are the awesome names the lipsticks have. DGAF, 6six6, Shady Lady, and Bang! Bang! are just a few of my favorites. Another cool fact about these talented MUAs is that when co-owner Lora isn’t developing MELT’s best-selling products, she can be found alongside Grammy winner Rihanna, as her personal makeup artist. Below, Dana and Lora discuss MELT, everyday must haves, and some of their favorite products!

When did you realize that you wanted to be a makeup artist?
DANA: My sister used to make me up like a princess as a little girl, so makeup always fascinated me, however, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do in the industry. I got a job at a makeup counter as soon as I turned 18. I met a lot of really amazing and talented artists and that passion for makeup is what inspired Lora and I to create something of our own.

LORA:I first realized I wanted to be a makeup artist when I was in high school! I was always artistically inclined, (originally wanting to get into hair and makeup), but after trying out hair for myself I realized it wasn’t for me. However, makeup was perfect for me! I was obsessed with the idea of being able to transform a person into anything you want. Whether it was character make up, or beauty make up, just being able to change the way a person looks ... that’s what’s so fascinating to me!

What are three must have items you have in your kit at all times?
: 1. Ardell lashes 2. Bobbi Brown gel liners 3. Laura Mercier pony tail brush

LORA: 1. Beauty blender sponges! 2. Universal brow pencil (Dior) 3. Makeup wipes!
What is one of the greatest rewards of doing what you do?
DANA: My favorite thing is looking through the Melt Cosmetics hash tags and seeing all the beautiful women and men wearing our lipsticks. They are so creative and it is the motivation I need to keep going.

LORA: Creative freedom! Being able to do what I love for a living is the best feeling in the world

Tell us a little bit more about MELT cosmetics.
DANA & LORA : Melt Cosmetics started over lunch one day with a discussion of what the perfect lipstick would be like. We both loved bold bright colors, but with a matte texture. And were constantly wishing those lipsticks were out there, but we could never find them. DING! A light bulb went on! What if we make them ourselves? After a lot of hard work Melt Cosmetics was born! The perfect combination of a matte yet smooth and creamy lipstick. Bold colors that Apply beautifully with one stroke, And we won’t stop there, there’s more to come!!!

What is one thing you never leave home without?
: I can’t leave home without my 2 Chainz CDs. How does he come up with that sh*t up in the studio? He always puts me in a good mood on my way to any business lady meetings!
LORA: REDBULL!!! & red lipstick!!

If you could work along side any makeup artist past or present who would it be?
DANA: I’m very lucky, I get to work along side someone who inspires me everyday! The best makeup artist in the world, Lora Arellano! Francois Nars inspires me because he does it all! He created a line, he does the makeup, and he often photographs his own campaigns.

LORA : Alex box !!! She’s so amazing I want to just pick her brain!!!
Is there 1 makeup product you think every MUA should know no matter where they are in their careers?

DANA: I want to say Melt lipsticks!!!! Is that too cheesey? I am addicted to Great Lash mascara by Maybelline. It is my drugstore guilty pleasure. I have tried every mascara out there, from drugstore to designer and I always go back to Great Lash Blackest Black with the curved brush.

LORA: MELT!! Lipsticks and the Dior Universal brow pencil, Literally, change your life.

What advice do you have for aspiring MUAs?
DANA & LORA: Dream big! Don’t disregard a crazy idea or a thought that seems impossible. Work hard and do something everyday to get you closer to your goal. If you know where you want to end up all the decisions along the way seem a lot more clear. You’ll never know until you try!

What has been one of your biggest career highlights thus far in your career?
: Melt Cosmetics is my biggest highlight. Creating our own makeup line has been the hardest thing we have ever done, but it is by far the most rewarding.

Jacqueline Laurita As one of the most popular cast members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita has no problem saying how she feels, what she believes, or what will happen to you if you mess with her family. Since the show’s debut, Jacqueline has been a fashion, hair, and makeup icon for millions.

The 411 on Jacqueline:

  • ·        Licensed Cosmetologist for over 20 years (which seems impossible because she doesn’t look a day over 25, am I right?!)
  • ·        She has worked in cosmetic sales for Lancôme
  • ·        Original career options were an elementary school teacher or a nurse.
  • ·        She is an avid fan of Keratin Treatments every 4-6 months to maintain her luscious locks.
  • ·        Devoted mother to Ashlee, CJ, and Nick
  • ·        Her mission is not only to recover her youngest son, Nicholas, from Autism, but also to help many other families by becoming an active                                  advocate in the Autism community.
  • ·        The trials and tribulations of Jacqueline’s journey venturing into the world of Autism with her family is well documented thru her blogs. They                            serve as a constant reminder to other families fighting the same fight, that they are not alone.  


When did you realize you wanted to go to cosmetology school?

I always had a passion for the beauty industry, as far back as I can remember. I used to cut and style my Barbie's hair. I also used to have the Barbie head where I could apply make up and style her hair. I'd spend hours playing with it as a child. After high School, I took some basic classes at a community college while I tried to figure out my career path. I finally decided to go to cosmetology school when my daughter was around 2 years old and I had just gone through a divorce from her father. I wanted to do something for myself that made me feel happy. The Beauty Industry made me happy. I went to Cosmetology school in 1992 and got my license.

Do you have a favorite aspect of the industry? (i.e. Hair vs. makeup)

I went to school for 1800 hours of cosmetology which covered all areas of the beauty industry. I enjoyed ALL of it! Once out of beauty school, I began doing hair in a salon. I then became more interested in make-up artistry and went to go work at a cosmetics counter for Lancôme , while still doing hair on the side. I then started free lancing as a make-up artist. Now that I am older, I have more of an interest in skincare. My passion is researching beauty products, as well as surgical and non surgical procedures, reviewing them and sharing what I've learned with others. That is the reason I created I hope to launch it soon.

I gather my hair and fashion choice inspirations from 

For hair...I always loved Eva Longoria's look. For hair style choices, People should go by their hair type and condition, face shape and profile, their lifestyle and their ability to maintain their style. Most people don't make choices based on these things and have unrealistic expectations on what they want their style to look like when they take a picture to their stylist. It's important to know these factors about yourself to choose the best care and style for your hair. I always felt the sexiest with my long hair but I think my shoulder length cut is a better look for me. 
For fashion, I've always liked Victoria Beckham's style, a sexy sophisticated look, but as a Mom who spends a lot of time at home, I'm also into sporty comfort wear. For fashion, it's good to know your body type and lifestyle, and the occasion, before you style yourself. Excentuate your best features while minimizing what you consider to be your flaws.

What are some of the major trend differences you experienced between Las Vegas and New Jersey?
Now, with the internet, similar trends are catching on everywhere much quicker than before. New Jersey has more humidity in the air than Las Vegas and you need specific products to balance your skin and control your hairstyle. My hair stays straighter and sleeker much easier in Las Vegas when I blow it out than in New Jersey.

3 Things every woman should know about hair care?

1. Know your hair type and condition and use products specifically designed for it.
2. Get regular trims 6-8 weeks to prevent split ends, even if it's only 1/8 of an inch. You're hair will still grow longer if you're trying to grow it out.
3. Blow dry on damp hair, not wet, and dry from the scalp toward the ends, never up toward the scalp, which will lift the hair cuticle and make your hair look     dull and tangle easier.. 

Looking back now, are there any hair/makeup trends you wish you hadn’t participated in?

OMG YES!!!! I had a Spiral perm with mall bangs!!! I teased my bangs really high. I used to spray the front sides of my hair and hold a hair spray bottle there to fan it out. I also could have done without the Sun-In Hair lightener product, back in the day.

Words I try to live by are: 
Integrity, Honesty, Compassion, Sense of Humor

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received and who was it from?

Always be yourself. Those that don't like and appreciate you for that, shouldn't be a part of your life anyway, so just surround yourself with those that do. Don't worry about what the “others” think. As long as you like yourself, you're good. Keep learning, growing and improving. Everybody has their own journey. ~ My parents

What are 3 things you think every makeup artist should have in their kit at all times?
Mascara, B&B cream concealer, cream blush that you could also use on the lips or even the eyes.

Are there any current hair or makeup trends you absolutely despise
Not really. I'm so open to the art of it. I like variety. 

3 products (hair OR makeup) you absolutely cannot live without?
Make-up- Mascara, concealer, lip gloss (Did you want brand names?)
Hair- Leave-in-Conditioner, Hair shine oil, Finishing spray

1 part of your daily beauty regimen you never skip?
Sunscreen! (or moisturizer with a sunscreen)

What is one thing you wished every person could know about Autism?
There may not be a known cure for Autism but with the right early interventions and treatments, the signs and symptoms of Autism can reduce and a child's development can greatly improve. It also helps to share your Journey with others. Help raise awareness, educate yourself and others, know you’re not alone and there is hope for recovery. Don’t Give Up! Defy expectations!

Are there any tips you could give a hairstylist who is working with a child who has Autism?
Patience! Talk softly. Use the word "Trim" instead of "Cut". Try using a positive reinforcer. Offer a distraction ( iPad, Movie,etc) , Work quickly!

Are there specific websites you recommend for people who are looking to learn more about children with Autism?

There are SO many! I will name a few...

By Christina Mirabella, Editor-In-Chief

When I hear the name “Kardashian”, a few words instantly come to mind: glamour, flawless hairstyles, impeccable makeup, insanely perfect eyelashes, and on point fashion choices. Of course all of the words apply to all of the Kardashian sisters, but personally, I relate most to Khloé. As the youngest and the tallest of the K-Dash sisters, Khloe’s straight forward and sarcastic remarks paired with her kind and free spirited attitude, make her a fan favorite with millions. Khloé has long faced scrutiny for having a different body type and overall look from sisters Kourtney and Kim, but true to form, Khloé uses the comments and snide remarks of critics as a springboard to preach individuality and beauty in all shapes and sizes.

Since becoming a household name following the premiere of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians’’ in 2007, Khloé has had a full plate and has added  ridiculous amounts of accomplishments and accolades to her résumé. From penning books that landed on the New York Times Best Sellers List, hosting her own radio show, having a successful chain of retail stores, to hosting the 2nd season of the American version of the “X Factor”, Khloé has done it all. So after rocking all of the above, it came as no surprise that Kardashian set her sights on the fashion and beauty industries next.

In the fall of 2011, the Kardashian sisters partnered with Bruno Schiavi and Jupi Corp to launch Kardashian Kollection, a brand encompassing apparel, shoes, lingerie, home goods, jewelry, and accessories, at over 500 Sears stores nationwide. The exciting collection reflected Kim’s glamorous red carpet looks, Kourtney’s Bohemian Chic vibe, and Khloé’s rocker style. After enormous success in the United States, the brand has since expanded internationally across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Following this global takeover in the fashion industry, in 2012, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé teamed with Lipsy to launch a fresh Kardashian Kollection range designed especially for the international market comprised of pieces that combine each of the Kardashian’s signature styles including but not limited to: lace dresses, moto jackets, detailed camisoles, tailored blazers, pencil skirts, and lace jumpsuits. In true Kardashian Kollection form, their collection at Lipsy offers something for girls of all shapes and sizes with the use of the most flattering silhouettes and materials. The Kardashians have made it easy, fun, and virtually foolproof to create a complete look from head to toe with their collection without breaking the bank.

In 2013, the sisters collaborated with Jupi Corp once again to create their first-ever children’s line, Kardashian Kids. Designed for little girls from newborns to 24 months, Kardashian Kids features a range of styles from onesies, snuggly caps and cozy blankets, to stylish and functional two-piece sets, jackets and dresses that will be available exclusively at Babies“R”Us starting March 2014.

Once the Kardashians completely conquered the worlds of clothing and accessories, it was onto changing the faces of women all over the world with the uber fabulous cosmetics line; Kardashian Beauty. It’s no secret that these beautiful sisters are makeup lovers and have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best products and artists this world has to offer. After constantly being asked about their beauty secrets, the Kardashians wanted to make it easy for women everywhere to achieve their signature looks at the most accessible price point.

“Makeup can be very daunting, so we wanted to launch an edited, easy to navigate line that makes it simple to get the look you want. Understated, or over the top glamour. For my sisters and I, this means lips, eyes, and an all-over glow’’ Khloé tells us. One of my favorite things about the Kardashian Beauty line is that all the products are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney all had the opportunity to be hands on with everything from the logo to the product design, shade selection and everything in between. The Kardashian Beauty Line offers makeup junkies across the world some of the best quality cosmetic products for the face, eyes, lips, nails, and body at an extremely reasonable price.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the Kardashians are constantly looked upon by fans for advice in beauty, clothing, relationships, and life in general. Below, Khloé, the Koolest, most Komedic, and possibly the Kookiest of the Kardashians talks to Your Beauty Industry Mag about her goals, her fears, and what she never leaves home without.


1) Where do you think your affinity for Fashion, Accessories, and Makeup comes from?

KK: My mom has always encouraged my sisters and me to experiment with fashion and beauty and find our own style. It’s another way we express ourselves. 

2) What has your favorite part of the development process for the Kardashian Beauty Line been (i.e.-product design, shade selection, logo design, etc)

KK: I am interested and involved in each step of the development process, but my focus is to ensure that the formulas are high performance so that each product can endure a jam-packed day. The girl who wears Kardashian Beauty does it all and she deserves a line that can keep up.

3) What is one beauty tip you think every woman should know?

KK: Less is more. The right products bring out the beauty that already exists but too many products that compete for attention is a bad idea. Kardashian Beauty is designed to make the selection process easy whether it’s a daytime or nighttime look our girl is prepping for. 

4) What is one of the benefits or greatest thing about working with your sisters on the Kardashian Beauty Line?

KK: We come into the process united in our passion for style, but often with three different perspectives. The products incorporate our combined ideas, so there are more offerings for the consumer. 

5) Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry from the new Kardashian Kollection?

KK: I am a big fan of hoop earrings; I believe they can add a subtle punch of boldness to any outfit in an understated way, while still being girly and playful. The Kardashian Kollection has so many to choose from!

6) Your hair always seems to be on point with color and style. What goes into making your decision when you decide to change colors?

KK: Sometimes it’s a spontaneous decision, but it’s always about expressing myself in the moment.  

7) Is there 1 makeup product you can't live without?

KK: I am a mascara connoisseur and I will not be without “The Stroke of Midnight Mascara. “ It is everything I ever dreamed of in a mascara!

8) Is there a part of your beauty regimen that you never skip no matter where you are in the world?

KK: I always wash my face, no matter how tired I am. And if I only have a few seconds, rarely leave home without mascara.

9) What is the best piece of advice you've ever received and who was it from?

KK: This wasn’t said to me personally but Maya Angelou affected me personally with her words:

“I’ve learned people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


10) What is 1 accessory or staple item you think every woman should have in her closet?

KK: A really great pair of shoes. For me, I don’t care how tall I am, I still want the highest heel. In our Kardashian Kollection we have beautiful heels, and a ton of great flats. We really offer a little bit of everything - what girl doesn’t love a pair of good shoes?



11) What are some things people might not know about you?

KK: I am absolutely terrified of whales! I also have this weird phobia of belly buttons, don't ask my why, it's weird. Lastly, I am very OCD. I often find myself walking around the house making every picture frame straight and organized.