by Kiara Mooney, Contributing Editor

1. Start with 100% dry hair and add a few drops of KMS California Tame Frizz Oil to your hands. Smooth through hair.

2. Section hair into two sections. Section one will be from back of left ear to back of right ear forward. Section two is remaining hair. *You can add more texture to this braid by using a crimping iron by Hot Tools before you braid*

3. Start first visible braid on left side, working towards the right side of head. (Braid loosely so you are able to make braid larger in step (5) Secure with elastic.

4. Start second visible braid on the right side, working under towards left side of head. (Braid loosely so you are able to make braid larger in step (5) Secure with elastic.

5. With thumb and pointer finger, start pulling pieces apart to loosen braids to give it the illusion of a larger, thicker section. 

6. Wrap braids around head to create a “halo” effect. Pin into place.

7. If braid needs added bulk, continue to pull at braids until desired size is achieved.

8. Spray with KMS California Dry Xtreme Hairspray

Photographer: Dan Minicucci

Hair/Makeup: Kiara Mooney

Model: Jennie Gail Ross

Designer: Bless By Bless Couture

Sky-High Cheekbones as easy as 1-2-3!

The perfect Cheekbones are one of the easiest things to fake in the makeup world. As long as you have the right products, you can give anyone

cheekbones to die for!

What you’ll need:

• Bronzer

• Blush

• Highlighter

• Business or Credit Card

• Angled Blush Brush

• Powder Brush

1.  Place a business or credit card diagonally along the hollow of your cheek. Sweep Bronzer along the top of the card. *The dark shade gives a chiseled appearance.

2.  Place blush about 2 fingertips width length away from your nose blending in with the beginning of where the bronzer was placed. *Blush too close to your nose can make your face appear fuller.

3. Apply highlighter along the top of your cheekbone *Shimmering highlighters automatically enhance natural bone structure.

Kiara Mooney Contributing Editor

Creating A Beach Wave/Tight Wave

The first step to creating any type of curl is to understand you MUST protect your strands! Yes, it's wonderful to have fun hairstyles and beautiful curls, but if you don't protect your hair then you will cause damage that may take some time to reverse. I prefer Moroccan Oil or L'ANZA for my oils because they smell amazing, are easily absorbed into the hair and offer unbeatable shine! The setting spray/hair spray will also help with protecting your hair from the heat. I prefer Redken Versatile Working Spray 12 because it can act as a setting and styling spray. It also allows you to run your figures through after you spray it without flaking or making the hair have a "white" cast (which is usually seen with clients who have darker hair). Lastly, my favorite teasing or backcombing spray is produced by Redken and is called Quick Tease 15. This product works magic and I am never without it at runway shows, photo shoots or my own beauty bar.

1. Add a few drops of serum into your hands and work from ends to 2" away from the top of your roots. (adding the oil/serum to your roots will cause you hair to become oily)

2. Take two hair clips of your choosing and section your hair into 3 different sections starting at the top, and not clipping up the last section.

3. Start with the bottom section lightly spraying it with setting spray and combing it so the product is evenly distributed.

4. Start with the left side of hair by sectioning it into 2 sections (smaller sections for tighter waves/smaller iron for shorter hair). Always WRAP hair around the iron AWAY from your face never towards your face and hold for 3-10 seconds (depending upon thickness of your hair/section and setting you chose for your iron). By doing this, it will arrange the curls to "open up your face" looking fresh and ready for the day, as opposed to curling inwards, which closes the face more. Repeat on the right side.

5. Continue doing this throughout all the sections and spray the entire head of curls once completed.

6. Once you are done, take a small amount of serum/oil and run it through your hair to separate the curls and prevent static and frizz. Depending upon your texture, you may want to spray your hair lightly with Redken Versatile Working Spray 12 once more to ensure your curls will stay the entire day.

7. (OPTIONAL) For added volume at the root, take your Redken Quick Tease 15 and backcomb (gently please) with a teasing brush or comb though out the top few sections spraying each section lightly. This will lock in your tease and make it last all day/night. Once you are finished teasing, lightly comb your hair back into place and spray one last time.


1. Apply a Brown based nude shadow to the entire eyelid and sweep a small amount under the lower lashline.

2. Cover the lid with black gel liner (Almost touching the crease of the eye, but not quite)

3. Apply black pencil liner to the upper and lower inner rims and under the bottom lashline of the eye

4. Layer black shadow on top of the gel liner and over the lower lashline pencil.

5. Blend out the shadow edges with small back and forth motion to merge the colors

6. Throw on some false lashes (as dramatic as desired) and apply black mascara.

Achieve Kristen Bell's Fresh Faced Makeup in 5 Effortless Steps created by Celebrity Makeup Artist Simone Siegl


Celebrity makeup artist Simone Siegl, who worked with Kristen Bell for this look, reveals how to re-create this Fresh Faced Style at home in 5 effortless steps.

  1. First start with Neutrogena Naturals Face Wash and follow with their day cream.

  2. I used the Chanel shadow palette "Enigma in #19" to give her a soft smokey look and bring out her blue eyes. I then added a smudge dark grey liner on top of the lid, till the middle of the eye to open them up.

  3. Don't be shy with mascara and add a few layers with a product like Osmosis Colour Defining Mascara in Black ($18).

  4. I brushed on a little Chanel blush in "Tweed Sienna" on the apples of her cheeks to give it a fresh look.

  5. I finished up her look by applying Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in "Juicy Peach".


how to's

how to:

P!nk’s signature pumped up pompadour

Hair by Marcia Hamilton | Photo: Fabulous Magazine

Celebrity hairstylist Marcia Hamilton has been the styling force behind an array of P!nk’s recent magazine covers and spreads. Marcia offers the scoop on how she achieves her signature pompadour hairstyle in 5 easy steps. Plus, this how to is on trend with other popular pompadour loving celebrities, making Marcia’s tips perfect for short cut stories on stars like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Ginnifer Goodwin & more.

  1. For this look, start with dirty hair. If your hair is really clean add a bit of a mattifying powder.

  1. Section out the crown area and use a large barrel curling iron to create volume,

    pinning each curl formed out of the way.

  2. Take a nickel size glob of pomade and rub hands together then applying to sides and back.

Celebrity Smart Tip: “When I use other styling products besides pomades, I always use mybotto inverted bottle holders to get every last drop of product out: they help me save time and money and they are great for reducing my use of plastic bottles,” says Marcia.

  1. Brush sides back. If hair is too long, secure with bobby pins.

     5. Take pins out of the crown, tease and run fingers through the curls.

        Spray with White Sands Stuck Up Mega Hold Hairspray for maximum hold and volume.