MAC’s Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

Calling all the Makeup Junkies who aren’t afraid to make an extremely bold statement! Lately I’m completely obsessed with MAC’s Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick. This limited edition stick has been brought back by popular demand. This is by far the most flattering neon magenta pink I’ve come across. The color goes perfectly with a simple natural eye for a daytime look and makes anyone stand out when paired with a bold eye for a night time look. Candy Yum-Yum is super matte so it’s really important to exfoliate and moisturize your lips prior to application. Other things I love about this product are that even though its matte, it’s still creamy, long-wearing, and an absolutely gorgeous blue based pink. Try this color once and I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll want to buy another tube for backup before the first runs out!


FHF Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Tea Whipped Shea Butter Body Polish

As a lover of silky, smooth skin I gave this product a 4 out of 5 as an overall rating. I love the fact that the product exfoliates without causing a harsh abrasion to the skin. It leaves skin feeling fresh, smooth and radiant. Each product that FHF produces is made

with 90%-99.6% natural and naturally-derived ingredients. Everything is Paraben & Sulfate FREE and the Whipped Shea Butter Body Polish is Vegan & Gluten FREE. It offers a sweet tea aroma mixed with ginger, peach and white tea essentials your body will surely fall in love with. Want to bump up the exfoliation factor even more? Use the body scrub while shaving your legs!

Kiara Mooney Contributing Editor

Dermablend Professional debuts a quick and painless way to cover tattoos with the launch of the new Leg and Body Tattoo Primer. Whether for a job interview, wedding or even if a tattoo just doesn't look right with an outfit, it can be concealed with the help of Dermablend Professional Leg and Body Tattoo Primer.

Applied under Dermablend Professional Leg and Body Cover SPF 15, the primer helps reduce application time and creates a more natural and flawless result.

It also enhances wearability and is water-, transfer- and smudge resistant for 12 hours of wear. It's available in two shades and suitable for all skin types. According to Dermablend it's a smooth and blendable formula that glides upon application to hydrate and comfort skin.

The Leg and Body Tattoo Primer was created to accompany the Leg and Body Cover SPF 15. Regardless of the size of tattoo, both products easily cover large skin surfaces. Leg and Body Cover's lightweight formula offers 14 natural skin tone shades suitable for all ethnicities. The transparent Setting Powder enhances the performance of Dermablend coverage products for up to 16 hours of wear.

For more information on Dermablend Professional Products visit

Source: Dermablend Professional

Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press Thermal Protection Spray

We all know that awful feeling of being burnt with an iron whether it's while trying to achieve straight hair or curls, and it is no fun. That’s exactly how your hair feels with no thermal protector prior to any type of iron. Not so warm and fuzzy!

Everyone knows that sometimes our hair can have a mind of its own, so to avoid any unnecessary crazy hair days, we should be nice to it when we can. Hot off the Press is a great light weight thermal protector from Paul Mitchell. The quick drying spray provides a great barrier between your hair and your hot irons.

Spray onto dry hair before using a flat or curling iron, and style your hair as desired. Hot off the Press has a flexible hold, is humidity resistant, and perfect before curling or flat ironing. Give your hair a break, and protect it from the heat as you would protect yourself!

 DiorShow Black Out Mascara

Mascara: To most people, an everyday essential. The search for the perfect mascara seems to be an ongoing battle for so many people, myself included. However, my search is officially over! DiorShow Black Out Mascara is God’s gift to not only the long lash defunct, but to MUA’s everywhere.

The product’s application brush is large enough to encompass almost the full lash line in one clean swoop, which not only saves time, but ensures that the product isn’t unnecessarily over-applied. It leaves the lashes long, perfectly separated and super smooth. Granted it is higher on the price scale ($24.50 for a 0.33oz tube), the fact that the product doesn’t need to be applied in 3 and 4 layers like most mascaras, makes it worth it. One of my favorite things about the mascara is that it doesn’t flake off after a few hours, which is perfect for a long day at the office or a lengthy photo shoot. This product is clearly called “black out” because it will definitely make you forget about any other mascara you have used in the past.

Review for “OPI Nail Envy”

At some point in everyone’s lives, we find ourselves dealing with dry, brittle, cracked, or splitting nails. Although this can be the result of poor diet, stress, or a vitamin deficiency, a knockout nail strengthener can usually help your nails get back into rock star shape. Lately my personal go-to product is “Nail Envy” by OPI. This lightweight strengthener can also double as a base coat or a shiny, neutral color on its own. Manufacturer’s directions recommend applying a thin layer to the nail every other day. For best results, and to avoid a slightly yellow hue to the nail, remove the product completely 1x week. Another great pro to this product is its super fast dry time, making it the perfect last minute accessory before a night out or a leisurely day at the beach! Also available in a clear-matte version, perfect for the gentleman nail biters, this product is literally a must have for everyone! Who wouldn’t want nails to be envious of?!


Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream

The saying goes, “You take the good with the bad”, and while summer brings sunshine, warmth, and fun in the sun, it unfortunately brings humidity, which to most of us only means one thing- frizz. However, with Bed Head’s After Party Smoothing Cream, the frizz can now be kept to a minimum!

This smoothing cream controls fly-aways and frizz, while also softening the hair and enhancing shine.

Apply a dime sized amount to damp hair and proceed with styling. Once you have your desired style, reapply a small amount of the product to dry hair to smooth and tame any unruly pieces. Some other great characteristics of the Smoothing Cream are: it can be used after flat ironing OR curling, it leaves the hair manageable but not greasy, and it dries soft instead of crunchy. Finally humidity doesn’t have to mean dry, frizzy and out of control hair!

Healthy Sexy Soy Paste Texture Pomade

This review is for my short haired, funky haircut rockin’ friends. One thing a textured short haircut can’t be without is Pomade. They go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly!

The best pomade I’ve used to date is Healthy Sexy Soy Paste Texture Pomade by Sexy Hair Concepts. Its non-greasy texture and firm hold makes this product great for detailing and separation. What’s the point of having a great textured haircut if you don’t show off the texture and shape of it?! The Soy Paste does just that. It takes guts to rock a super short haircut, so why not make sure it looks super fab at all times! 

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Boost Root Lifter

Who doesn’t love big hair? Whether we like it or not, we all know that big hair is back! This could be a slight problem for those of us who weren’t genetically predisposed to thick, luscious locks. As someone whose hair is on the finer side, I’ve found my go to product for big hair.

Extra Body Daily Boost Root Lifter does just that. When applied directly to the root area on damp hair before blow drying, this product will give you the lift, the height and body that would make even a Jersey Girl jealous. A major pro to the product is that it can’t really be over applied. I have found that some extra body mousses that I’ve tried can actually weigh down my hair, totally defeating the purpose. I have been using the Extra Body Daily Boost for 3 weeks faithfully now, and I officially love the results

Out of Africa’s Vegan Pure Shea Butter Lip Balms

Everyone knows that the skin on your lips is very thin and does not produce oil on its own, so it’s vital to keep them moisturized to avoid chapped lips. To prevent said dryness, Out of Africa’s Vegan Pure Shea Butter lip balms are loaded with beneficial nutrients including unrefined shea butter, in addition to healthy fatty acids and vitamins A, E & F. These balms are not just environmentally friendly, but also socially responsible. In collaboration with the West African Women’s Cooperative to create local jobs, proceeds are donated to provide education and medical care to children in West Africa. The Out of Africa’s Vegan Pure Shea Butter lip balms come in a variety of delicious flavors such as orange cream, peppermint, tropical vanilla, pomegranate and acai and strawberry. These products are a triple threat if I’ve ever seen one; super moisturizing, ridiculously affordable and you get to help charity while having smooth lips at the same time.

NEW! Mehron iNtensePro Pigments

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo

As anyone with a golden mane can tell you, with the blonde, comes the brassiness. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo is proven to brighten blonde, banish brassiness, and restore shine to your tresses.

The finest ingredients are a sure fire way to eliminate orange and red tones from the hair, whether you are a natural or color treated blonde. I can honestly say that I recommend this product to all of my blonde clients at the salon and have yet to receive any negative feedback about it. It truly does exactly what it is supposed to do. If blondes really do have more fun, imagine what one could do with shiny, healthy, brass free locks…the possibilities are endless!


As a makeup artist, the fact that we need to remove our makeup at the end of the day makes me sad. After taking all that time to apply it and get it perfect, we have to get rid of it at the end of the day?! But the fact remains that we do.

My eyes and skin are super sensitive, and almost everything I have used in the past tends to burn my eyes, make them tear up and irritate my skin. For the past 6 months I have been using Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover, and so far it’s been fantastic! What makes this product different form the rest? The cornflower extract helps soothe your eyes and the delicate skin around your eyes. The pH of the remover is identical to tears to ensure that it is the gentlest remover on the market.

So now the only reason that my eyes are tearing at night is the fact that I have to wash away the masterpiece I created that morning!

NEW! Mehron iNtensePro PigmentsCelebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip has created Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow lotion, a quick-drying, long-wearing body lotion with excellent coverage for concealing skin imperfections & balancing skin tone. It’s safe to use from head to toe and is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and paraben-free. Packaging is 100% recyclable. Joanna has used the product on Christina Applegate, Laura Linney, Ellen Pompeo, Poppy Montgomery, Jessica Simpson, Demi Lovato, and Jillian Michaels. redcarpetkolour.comWant hours and hours of sleek all day color? Try bareMinerals® new Round the Clock™ Waterproof Eyeliner. This creamy, easy-glide formula applies effortlessly for a waterproof line that won’t smudge, run or fade throughout the day. It’s also infused with minerals and vitamin E to moisturize eyes.[SHADES] • Midnight: Blackout • 11 AM: Smoky moss • Noon: Deepest navy • 5PM: Deep plum • 7 PM: Rich brown • 8 PM: Black coffee • 9 PM: Chocolate suede • 11 PM: Dark charcoal. bareminerals.comMehron has just launched iNtense Pro Pigments. These custom-formulated pigments compacted are tailored to achieve the highest possible levels of color. iNtense Pro Pigments are scientifically treated with the most advanced (and most expensive) state-of-the-art, thermal-reactive, micro-particle coatings that distinguish iNtense from any other pigments on the market. Silky and smooth, iNtense Pro Pigments are long-wearing, opaque, matte and vibrant. Mehron’s own proprietary anti-oxidant blend adds treatment properties typically found only in skincare products costing hundreds of dollars. The end result is INTENSE, over the top and extreme color. iNtense Pro Pigments provide the deepest color to date from Mehron Makeup. Designed to be intense enough for pro use while also easily blendable for a subtle look suitable for consumer use. Available in 32 individual color shades or three color palettes, iNtense Pro Pigments come in a variety of shades for every occasion and can be used wet or dry.

Body Drench Quick Tan Tanning Mist Sunless Tanner

The best way to maintain a gorgeous summer glow all winter without hitting the tanning booths.

I admit that whenever I hear the words “self-tanner” the first thing that pops into my mind is Oompa- Loompa Orange circa Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. As someone who has been scarred by many previous experiences in which I have basically been every shade of orange on the color spectrum, the search has been on for for a self-tanner that doesn’t make me look like one of Mr. Wonka’s employees.

I’ve recently come across Body Drench Quick Tan Tanning Mist, and was pleasantly surprised. The mist provided me with the perfect sun-kissed glow that was neither orange nor fake looking. Holding the can approx. 10” away from you, spray evenly over your body, and fall in love! This product can be used as often as every other day, and is easily removed by exfoliation if you so desire. The great thing about this product is you can actually control how much of the product hits your skin and how dark the tan will be by adjusting your pressure on the nozzle. I’m sure 50 years from now my skin will be thanking me for not exposing it to all those harmful rays and using this instead!

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment

Whether it’s the change of seasons or the changing of your hair color, almost everyone could use a product to strengthen and repair their hair. Redken’s Anti-Snap Treatment is one of my favorites.

As someone who is constantly changing my hair color, this is my  “go-to” product for when my hair is feeling a little under the weather (coincidence that the bottle is blue?! I think not!) This product helps repair hair from the inside out. Providing internal strength directly to the cuticle, the Anti-Snap nourishes the damaged areas of the locks. This is the perfect leave- in treatment for distressed and damaged hair.

Apply to damp, towel dried hair, and distribute the product throughout all of the hair or to the fragile/damaged areas. You will love it and your hair will love you for it!


Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray

It seems beach waves are everywhere these days, and with summer right around the corner, there is finally a product that gives you the beachy look without the harmful sun exposure!

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray can help you achieve the perfect beach waves, or an ultra textured blow out.

Spray liberally into clean, towel dried hair, and scrunch with fingers for a beautiful, effortless, tousled look. Apply the Sea Spray to clean, damp hair and proceed to blow dry smooth. Once completely dry, re-apply a small amount of the spray and run fingers thru the hair to add additional texture. Another plus to the product is its potent citrus & ginger scent. It will have you feeling like you have been sea-side basking in the sun all day, and who doesn’t love that?!

Le Mieux Calming Gel

This gel relieves burning, stinging, and redness from irritated skin.  It's highly recommended for after waxing and to relieve irritation caused by shaving.  All organic and natural ingredients make this product suitable for all skin types and ages.  O2 calming gel is also great to calm skin quickly if a wax needs to be done on set or before a big event.