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Kiara Mooney Contributing Editor

5 Ingredients To A Sexy Summer Facial

Glowing skin is always a must especially in the sizzling summers. At home facials are a great way to keep your skin moisturized and glowing in the heat. Facials are a treatment for the face that's meant to cleanse, firm, smooth and moisturize the skin.  Many people swear by facials not only as a way to feel relaxed and pampered, but also as a means for making their skin healthier. You can do the facials at home, with friends

and are left on for a few minutes to see glowing effects.



-2-3 Strawberries (brighten)

-2 Freshly squeezed lemons (brighten)

-1 tbs Yogurt (Lift/Tighten)

-1/4 cup Oatmeal (Moisturize/Exfoliate)


1.   Add all ingredients into blender and blend together well.

a.  Tip: You want the mixture to be thick enough so that it stays on the face throughout the facial but thin enough to spread.

2. Apply to a freshly cleaned face with spoon or facial brush

3. Sit back & relax for 15 minutes.

a. Tip: Playing relaxing music with ease your mind and relax your body

4. After time is up, take fingers and move in circular motion for added exfoliation

5. Run towel under warm water and gently remove mask in an upward motion.

6. Pat dry.

Your sexy summer facial is now complete! Enjoy the fabulous benefits of your facial. Remember, facials are a great way to deeply clean the skin and pores, improve skin that is either too dry/oily and rejuvenate. Try your own ingredients at home to see what works best for your skin type and tone.

Brightening: Papaya, Sour Cream, Honey, Lemon

Exfoliate: Honey, Olive Oil, Oatmeal

Cleanse: Lemon, Olive Oil, Strawberries, Oranges,

Lift & Tighten: Yogurt, Lemon Juice (freshly squeezed is best)

Tone & Smooth: Camomile, Green Tea, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Bananas,

Moisturize: Oatmeal, Fennel

Kiara Mooney Contributing Editor

5 Tips For A Flawless Face

1. Clean Face: Yes, it seems that simple & it is!!! Having a freshly cleaned face will help in the application of your makeup. Why you may ask? This will aid in a smooth

application of foundation, prevent bacterial buildup and control oil production.

2. Proper Brushes: Using the correct brushes can take a makeup application to the

next level. It will help properly blend eye shadows, contour with bronzer/blush on cheeks, apply foundation evenly & smooth out any excess product. I prefer using

professional brushes from MAC or Sephora because they last for years (when cleaned and maintained).

3. Correct Foundation: If you take anything away from this post, applying the proper

foundation is one of the most crucial influential pieces to a flawless face. Foundation that is too light or too dark will definitely stand out in person and be accentuated, and not in a good way, in pictures. The key is to first understand if you are a cool or warm tone & then go from there. I personally have to mix two foundations together to achieve my correct shade.

4. Correct Lighting: Using the correct lighting while applying your makeup will help with

blending your shadow & contouring your foundation. Some lights can give off warm or cool hues. Also, make sure they are not casting shadows on your face. I prefer to use natural light to apply my makeup. I can see all the spots where I need to apply concealer for extra coverage and I blend my blush easier.

5. Enhancing Correctly: Not everyone needs to contour their cheekbones, brow area or forehead. Contouring & highlighting is meant to enhance features & create the "ideal"

oval face shape. For example, if your have deep set eyes, you do not want to highlight the brow area. Your eyes are already deep set so applying a highlighter will only

accentuate the area. Knowing your face shape will help you decide what to contour/

highlight and what to stay away from.

Enjoy ladies! Always remember: feel fabulous & you'll look fabulous.

3 Hairstyles Every Makeup Artists Should Know

Kiara Mooney Contributing Editor

Just because you are a makeup artist does not mean you have to be a hairstylist, or vice versa. However, being able to do both can makes you more valuable to clients. Even if your specialty is makeup, a photographer may prefer to hire an artist who does both hair and makeup. Knowing how to do these simple styles means more clients and job opportunities for your future.

  1. Curls- Whether its beachy or voluminous waves, curls are an easy way to take your clients hair from everyday to glam.

  2. Blow out- Who doesn’t love a professional blow out? Creating volume while smoothing out the hair is a classic style and perfect for photo shoots or events.

  3. Simple Updo- This does not have to be complicated, but you should know how to work a bobby pin. Pinning hair back or creating a loose tousled braid is on trend and a simple way to give your clients hair the wow factor for a special event or photo shoot.

Move your Career Forward with These 5 Steps

When makeup artists tell you how they began their career, most will tell you success did not come easy or right away. When you first start out in the industry, you are the boss of your own business. You have to carve out your own path and prove yourself before you can get signed with an agency. This takes hard work, strategy, and stepping out of your comfort zone on a daily basis.

Here are 5 ways to keep yourself focused and on track to becoming the makeup artist you want to be.

  1. Set short and long term realistic goals. Set 6 month goals, for example creating your website, taking a class, or booking photo shoots. Set a 2 year goal, like getting published in a magazine. Creating your bucket list helps you evaluate where your strengths are now, but more importantly what you need to accomplish in order to become the makeup artist you want to be.

  2. Find a mentor who inspires you. Working alongside a makeup artist with a strong portfolio can take your career to the next level. This may mean you have to assist, and work for free or little money, but the advice and feedback you pick up along the way can be priceless.

  3. Invest in your future. Take classes taught by makeup artists who are already successful and work as an artist full time. Education should be ongoing as it improves your technique, creates new inspiration, and strengthens your career development.

  4. Network. Build relationships with other artists as well as photographers, vendors, or stylists. This is especially important for artists specializing in bridal makeup. Attending functions will give you the chance to meet others in the industry and form collaborations for future projects.

  5. Self Promotion. Social media gives you the platform to market yourself and your business. Having the confidence to promote yourself and your accomplishments, gives potential clients insight into who you are as an artist and what you have to offer.


25 Beauty tips and secrets that will make you go “hmm”


1.    Shampoo is a relatively new concept. Historically, body soap was used to lather locks. However, this practice was  axed once  people realized the residue from body soap left hair dull and scalps itchy.


2.   Hair should be washed 1-2x a month with a clarifying shampoo to remove shampoo/conditioner/ product build up.

3.   If your skin is super dry and flaky the day of an event or a photoshoot, dab a small amount of petroleum based  ointment to the problem areas, then apply foundation.

4.   Never pump the mascara wand in an attempt to get more product on the brush. This pushes air into the tube, making  the product dry out faster.

5.   If you have acne prone skin, makeup brushes should be washed after every use.

6.   Stand about a foot away from the model or mirror when penciling in/shading in eyebrows. It will make it easier for  you to see exactly what you’re doing.

7.   When washing natural hair makeup brushes, try to keep the water at the top of the brush only. Water at the base of  the brush head can loosen hairs and make them fall out entirely.

8.   Shave with conditioner when you’re out of shaving cream. It softens hair making it easier to shave.

9.    Massaging an ice cube over your face until it melts every night before bed keeps fat cells, wrinkles, and acne under    control.

10.  Certain makeup sponges can soak up more liquid foundation than what actually ends up on your face.


11.  Using a foundation brush wastes less and ensures a more precise application.

12.  Applying hairspray to a clean brow brush before brushing brows will ensure they stay in place all day.

13.  Heating up your body lotion in the microwave for 10 seconds before applying it to your body is a great alternative to  an expensive spa treatment.

14.  Use mascara as a quick grey hair camouflage if you have dark hair. For blondes and redheads, try

       dusting greys with  bronzing powder to hold you over for the day.

15.  There are only 2 options for nails- with or without polish. Never be caught somewhere in the middle.

        Nothing is worse than a chipped mani. Chunky glitter is a great quick fix to a small polish chip on the run!

16.  A blast of cold air on your hair after blow drying will help to lock in shine.

17.  Hitting a lash curler with heat from your blow dryer for a few seconds before curling lashes can give you

       considerable curlier lashes.

18.  Lining the inside rim or your lower eyelid with a white eye pencil will immediately make eyes

       appear wider and brighter.

19.  Wearing dark nail polish for a long period of time can turn nails yellow. Try scrubbing nails with

        a nail brush and whitening toothpaste. It gets rid of the yellow stains.

20.  Using excess eye cream on cuticles keeps them super hydrated.

21.  Allow two fingers worth of space from your nose to find where to start your blush application.

22.  Balance out the shimmer in your makeup app. If you’re wearing shimmery eye shadow, pair it with a matte lip.

23.  Run fingers thru curls rather than using a brush for a more tousled look.

24.  For fuller looking lips, extend the lip line using a flesh tone liner.

25.  The antihistamines in allergy meds dry out your skin. Skip the heavy foundation and opt for a

        tinted moisturizer during allergy season.