Kiara Mooney

Contributing Editor

Kiara's passion for the hair industry started at a very young age and has blossomed into a 13 year career. Her creative journey began at a small salon in her hometown of Reading, Massachusetts in the United States. Captivated by the thought of being a hair artist, Kiara knew that in order to perfect her craft, she needed to get experience at a young age. Using fellow artists as inspiration, Kiara learned and practiced various techniques.

Kiara is constantly reinventing her style and experimenting with different techniques on a daily basis, as to never settle for "normal," or "so so," but instead pushing herself for "extravagant," "out of the box," and "unique." Whether she is inside the salon, on a photo shoot, styling a bride, or competing in a hair show, Kiara seeks every opportunity to better herself and her craft. She took Debra Macki's, celebrity makeup artists & beauty editor at YBI, class 3 years ago to prefect her makeup techniques, learn new ones and push her makeup abilities to the next level. Her combination of natural ability, drive and motivation have allowed Kiara to pursue an on-going career that continues to grow and evolve.

Lacey Johnson

Beauty Editor

Lacey is a writer and journalist living in Nashville, Tennessee and a graduate of Belmont University. She is the creator and founder of, and her work can be read all over the internet and in print magazines - including The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Woman’s Day and more. Additionally, she brings with her six years of expertise as a regional makeup artist for a well-known cosmetic brand. Although she is no longer working on others’ faces, she has shifted her focus to delivering honest, well-researched and useful articles, narratives and product reviews. Her goal is to educate, inspire and motivate others to become their most beautiful, confident and empowered selves.

I am honored and thrilled to be Mirabella Magazine’s newest Beauty Editor. As a journalist who values the responsibility of delivering well-researched and useful information to readers, while maintaining an entertaining edge, I cannot think of a better home. Nurturing one’s appearance and style should be pleasurable and fun, and that is what Mirabella Magazine stands for.

Christina Mirabella 


Christina Mirabella is a hairstylist and makeup artist.She is trained and certified in many color lines including but not limited to: Redken, Paul Mitchell and All Nurtrient; Global & Rejuvenol Keratin Treatments as well as So Cap and Stilleto Hair Extensions. Christina also successfully completed private makeup courses from world renowned MUA Debra Macki.

As a hairstylist and makeup artist, she has worked in both Media and Fashion.  Her client list includes Kelly Osbourne, Khloe Kardashian, Marcia Hamilton, Betsey Johnson, Glenn Hetrick, Alex Prisco, Tabatha Coffey, David Babaii, Kimmi Hendrix, Audrina Partridge, Mia Michaels, Brian Freidman, Michael Ashton, Alexis Vogel and many more. Christina has been the lead makeup artist for numerous Fashion week shows and events, music videos and beauty pageants.

As a self proclaimed "Beauty Industry Junkie" Christina is committed to giving Mirabella Readers the most up-to-date beauty news, hottest trends and the newest products.  She believes passionately in motivating, educating and helping other industry lovers in any way she can.

 Maria Carmela Mirabella 

Production Director

​As the Founder and Owner of Body by Mirabella Day Spa as well as Designs by Mirabella, her unlimited knowledge and background in the Health, Beauty, and Accessories Industries makes Maria an invaluable resource for Mirabella Magazine readers. Maria works behind the scenes at Mirabella Magazine making sure our readers have the most up to date resources, information, and opportunities that are available. With an extensive education in advertising, web design, and graphic arts, Maria is also the sole operator, creator, and designer of 

Kara Kamrowski


Kara Kamrowski is a makeup artist based out of Boston, Massachusetts.   Trained by celebrity makeup artist Debra Macki, Kara is passionate about making her clients feel and look beautiful.  Whether it is a classic and natural look, or more creative and dramatic, she is able to listen to her clients and give them the look they desire.  Kara’s obsession with makeup keeps her busy discovering new products and attending seminars and workshops to learn different techniques and current trends.  Her experience includes bridal makeup, film, photo shoots, television, fashion shows and writing for Your Beauty Industry magazine.

Katie Boyd

Fitness Editor

Katie Boyd is the owner and CEO of Katie Boyd's Miss Fit Club in Hudson,
New Hampshire. She attained her BS in Exercise Science and Nutrition from
the University of Massachusetts at  Amherst and has used her degrees and
certifications to train thousands of woman in every shape, age and size
range from all over the world whether it be for a pageant, a wedding, the
runway or just for everyday life. Katie starred in her own reality t.v.
series called Wicked Fit under NBC Universal and has been featured on the
Dr. Oz Show as well in Oprah's O Magazine.

Katie has been the official
sponsor to the Miss USA Pageant system for over ten years and resigned in
early spring of 2015 to focus on her newest endeavor, The First Annual
KBMFC Contest that awards the lucky lady who wins with over a 180,000
dollar prize package. Katie has been married for a little over a year to
her husband Matthew Babine who is a world champion martial artist and
together they own a martial arts studio called Dojo Sante. In Katie's spare
time she enjoys cooking, meditating and raising funds for The Home for
Little Wanderers where her husband was adopted from in 1967. Look out for Katie Boyd's Miss Fit Clubs coming to a city near you. Katie is in the
middle of franchising ten clubs in 2016 and one of the Flagship Clubs being
overseas in Dubai.

Russ Mezikovsky 


Russ Mezikofsky is a Fashion, Food, and Event photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. His style has been called beautifully different always thinking outside the box. With his patient demeanor he captures some of the greatest moments of beauty. The way he photographs food makes you want to bite the image.

Born just north of Boston in Wakefield, MA Russ started his photography addiction at the age of 13. Taking photography as an elective in summer school. He later went on to get his BA in Photography from Salem State University.Russ has spent the last 18 years working with major Interior Designers, Architects, Fashion Designers, and Celebrities while also photographing for regional, National and international publications like The Boston Globe, Boston Common Magazine, Bound by Ink, Tattoo Energy, Design New England, New Old House and many more.

Russ has worked with many celebrities such as Paula Abdul, Chris and Kyle Massey, Charlotte Ronson, Henry Kissinger, and Linda Perry to name a few. Russ is also the current Design and Visual instructor at Northeast Metro Tech in Wakefield where he teaches his craft of photography and the arts to freshmen through seniors. He calls photography his addiction in life and the beauty he gets to photograph. Russ currently resides in the Boston area with his wife and three children.

 Jacqueline Laurita

Beauty Editor

​You may know her as one of the original cast members on the first five seasons of Bravo’s hit reality TV series called, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”.  What you may not know about Jacqueline is that she’s been a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years. Researching beauty products and treatments are a passion of hers. 

Jacqueline is also the Founder, CEO, and Creative director of Working with chemists and formulators in development of new beauty products is also part of her experience. She has tested, tried and given advice and reviews on many beauty products for a number of beauty websites, national magazines, articles, and for Beauty PR and consulting firms. Her experience is not only in front of the camera but behind the scenes as well, working with many top make-up artists and hair stylists for well-known magazines, TV shows, talk shows, news shows, entertainment news shows and movie sets all while learning their tricks of the trade.“It is my great pleasure to take my years of experience and research in the beauty industry and collaborate with other top professionals who share my passion and to share it with you. I am proud to be one of Mirabella Magazine's Beauty Experts” 

Kim Gravel

Beauty Editor

Kim Gravel is the Southeast’s premier pageant and beauty coach with an extensive background in both fields.  In 1991, at the age of 19, Kim became one of the youngest Miss Georgia in the state pageant’s history.  She went on to represent her home state in the Miss America pageant and as a result was asked to serve as US Goodwill Ambassador to Japan.  She has taken her expertise and experience in the pageantry world and uses it now to coach and train the elite pageant contestants of this generation.  Kim has worked for Revlon and Christian Dior as make-up artist; served as National Cosmetology Association spokesperson; and served as a make-up artist and stylist to over 100 fashion shows and photo shoots. In 2009, she launched her own boutique cosmetic line, Beloved Beauty. 

She has logged thousands of hours as a host of award-winning talk shows “Friends & Neighbors” and “Atlanta Live”. Her comfortable style and solid reputation have made her one of the most sought after interviewers in Atlanta for publicists, authors, actors and public figures. Combining her expertise skills of communication and leadership, Kim is also a certified Life Coach. Kim works with people in large groups as well as on an individual basis. Her compassionate yet straight forward “Dr. Phil-esqe” style keeps her in high demand as a Life Coach, mentor and advisor. As lead singer and songwriter of recording group Beloved, Kim entertains and sings to thousands across the country every year, including hosting the sold-out Beloved women’s conference annually in Atlanta. Kim is the founder and CEO of The Pageant Place.